03 Nov

6 Ways to Update and Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2023

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformations. The last decade witnessed a significant increase in internet usage. However, it’s still unremarkable compared to the sharp rise over the previous two years.

Remote work has become the new norm. Social media usage has exponentially increased as people default to mobile phones to connect with the outside world. As the coronavirus pandemic forces people to do more and more things online, internet traffic will continue to grow.

All this means that businesses must reevaluate their digital marketing strategies. A robust online presence is vital for companies looking to break through the noise and extend their reach to potential customers.

If you own a venture and want to update and improve your digital marketing strategy for 2023, keep reading below.

1. Drive organic traffic to your website

You’re probably aware that search engine optimization is essential to help potential customers find your website easily. Within the realm of search engine optimization, link building plays a pivotal role in driving organic traffic to your website.

Simply put, link building is the detailed process of getting other websites to link to your website. This way, potential customers may click a relevant link on another website and end up on yours. Additionally, search engines are likely to rank your website higher in their search results if several links are pointing to it.

Link building may seem arduous and challenging, but you’re in luck if your company is in the United States. We’d recommend checking out the most affordable link building services USA for results that speak for themselves. Nonetheless, you can avail of their exceptional services from anywhere across the world.

2. Ensure that your content offers value

Most businesses default to blogs to promote themselves. Blogs are a very effective way to reel in potential customers interested in topics relevant to your business. However, the quality of this content should not be overlooked. Often, to make themselves relevant, companies churn out hundreds of posts every month. While quantity is undoubtedly essential, quality must take precedence.

Your blog posts must offer value to your customers. The content of these posts should not be superficial or shallow. It must provide readers with clear, concrete information that they can benefit from as well. Ensure that your posts don’t seem ‘spammy’ and include statistical data where relevant to build credibility. If you’re publishing a post that you would not read, there is a problem.

Companies don’t have to limit themselves to just blogs. Several of them have seen great success in YouTube content and podcasts too.

3. Utilize multiple channels

A thriving business needs more than just a mere Instagram page. Your digital marketing strategy must account for the fact that potential customers are not limited to a single channel. In addition to traditional social media services like Facebook and Instagram, use other popular social media platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Snapchat is an excellent channel for real-time updates and behind-the-scenes. TikTok, believe it or not, is also a viable channel, and your business may end up going viral if you play your cards right.

Depending on the nature of your business, channels like Reddit may also prove helpful. Many companies have found success in the community-building aspect of Reddit. These small communities of loyal customers are critical in fully employing word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Realize the need for consistency

Businesses often err by playing with branding material, graphics, color palettes, and slogans to keep customers engaged. In reality, this practice usually has the opposite effect.

Your business needs to have a distinct and clear identity that is easily recognizable. Since different channels may have a diverse audience, individual campaigns may differ. However, they should still conform with your business’s identity and values on a holistic level. Consistency helps build credibility – failure to do so may repel potential customers.

5. Harness the power of hashtags

We all know that hashtags can help increase the reach of your social media posts. They’re a valuable marketing tool, but unfortunately, most businesses never realize that. Every hashtag is individually searchable and can provide context for your posts without the need for long-winding paragraphs.

Social media apps constantly keep track of the posts each user interacts with through hashtags. Users can then view related posts based on common hashtags. If you’re keeping up with trends and are including relevant hashtags in your posts, you’re extending its reach. Potential customers may discover your business after interacting with content that incorporates the same hashtags as yours.

6. Prioritize your customers’ mobile experience

The latest trend in web design is ‘responsive design.’ Nearly every web developer and designer you’ll come across will insist that a modern website cannot exist without a responsive design.

Responsive design, in a nutshell, is the practice of designing websites with the intention that they’ll be accessible on screens of all sizes. A responsive website should look presentable on both computers and mobile phones.

Businesses must realize the importance of delivering a superior mobile experience. More than 70% of global website visits came from mobile devices in 2020. This stat is even more of a reason to invest in a responsive website.

Concluding thoughts

As the world entirely moves online, it’s apparent that the future of marketing is digital. Businesses have too much to lose by not ensuring that their digital marketing strategies are up to date and refined.

Creating a responsive website and increasing traffic through link building is the first step in doing so. Supplementing this website through quality, value-providing content like blog posts is the next step. Finally, given the popularity of social media services, it is crucial to analyze each social media service and choose those most suited to your business.

Unless you want your business to fall behind the competition, use the tips we’ve provided above to improve your digital marketing strategy for 2023.

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